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Fast, Easy, and Precise

Our algorithm includes a data set of 900+ address-level fiber carriers and 2,500+ broadband carriers, with solution providers included and private data options available. Get the precise information you need, immediately.

Fast and Precise

Main Benefits


Easy-to-Use Interface

Our My Lookup & My Project interface leverages our bandwidth ranking algorithm, which we designed to reduce the time and labor it takes to find a single location solution or a multiple location solution automatically.

Rating Precision

Find out exactly how close the tech asset of interest is to your location. Rating Precision levels include address, near net, ZIP+4, census block, and ZIP Code™.
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BandwidthFinder Does All the Work

Each piece of our technology expresses key attributes that bring you clarity, requiring no labor or research on your part. Attributes include the accuracy level (Rating Precision), access category and technology, the type of bandwidth provider, estimated or actual speed, and more.

Affordable Project Sharing

Extend read-only access for any single address solution or a multi-location project solution to an employee, partner, customer, or prospect, making it easy to collaborate on the next steps in your Buyer’s Journey. Regardless of subscription level, your subscription includes sharing.
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Serviceability Guest Access

Any Enterprise- or Provider-level subscriber can add guest users who can perform lookups against data sets defined by you. This means you can offer a personalized serviceability portal to partners, customers, or any other crucial business stakeholder.

Unparalleled Location Capabilities

Easily manage multi-location projects—with accuracy. Use advanced filters and multiple data sets within a single project, and communicate results to your team or clients through simple project sharing.
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Personalized Data for Bandwidth Providers

Access Private Data Sets so you can have your own proprietary data displayed for users. Make it public or not—it’s up to you. BandwidthFinder gives you a completely customizable, proprietary serviceability and analytics tool.
Network Presence

Network Presence

Network Presence allows you to evaluate Carriers as well as which Solution Providers that can service an address through their underlying suppliers. Evaluating network presence can help you build a better more connected cloud-based application or network solution.
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The Most Solution Oriented Tool Available

Get the provider information you need, lightning fast. All you need is an address to see which providers are available, and our algorithm quickly does all the work.

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