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How a Fiber Locator Tool Streamlines Your CPQ Process

Jun 10, 2022 9:15:00 AM

Configure, price, quote (CPQ) software is an integrated process for accurately generating sales quotes fast, which enhances the purchasing experience. It also helps advance the selling process by removing cumbersome manual processes. Overall, it’s an automated, streamlined process that provides quotes quickly and accurately

However, a fully automated process doesn’t just stop with a CPQ software. For optimal efficiency, telecom professionals have started to use fiber locator tools that allow users to find serviceability beyond the use of fiber maps, which are only semiautomated and require telecom professionals to perform manual research. Fiber locator tools also help to accelerate a larger multistep quoting process. 

In this blog post, you will learn about fiber locator tools in detail and how these tools optimize the CPQ process. 


What is a fiber locator tool?

A fiber locator tool is used to discover information about fiber infrastructure and distribute that information to the relevant users. Fiber locator tools are used most often by network operators, telecom providers, and telecom agents to determine the existence of fiber optics in a building. They also determine where the closest fiber infrastructure exists if it isn’t already in the building they are researching.

Infrastructure connectivity is separated into three groups:

  • On-Net is when a fiber optic network infrastructure exists in a building.

  • Near-Net is when a fiber optic network infrastructure is near a building that seeks connectivity.

  • Off-Net refers to a connectivity solution where the network facility purchases connectivity through a supplier relationship.

Where many fiber locator tools miss the mark is by only providing information about fiber technology.  Customers often are looking for other technologies, such as cable or wireless service.

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More Than a Fiber Map

Fiber maps were once the primary approach to finding connectivity infrastructure. Although these maps provide visual specifications of cables, fiber-lit buildings, telecom carriers, and other aspects of telecom infrastructure, they are no longer the fastest way for companies to share information. Plus, they require a significant amount of manual research on the end of the user, which wastes their time, keeps them from more important tasks, and increases the chances for error.

Now, fiber locator tools are fully automated solutions that are leveraged to find the best service connections based on multiple locations and help users save time, decrease the amount of labor, and provide more accurate information on serviceability. 


How does a fiber locator tool optimize the CPQ process?

The CPQ process is all about getting fast, efficient, accurate information. A fiber finder tool enhances the CPQ process by providing accurate information, identifying multiple types of connectivity, and showing the location of carriers and solution providers.

Providing Rating Precision 

Rating precision provides important information about the details of a tech asset, such as whether an address is on-net, near-net, or off-net. In addition to the address, rating precision provides further information about the technology asset of interest, such as whether the asset is within the census block or ZIP code. 

Identifying Multiple Technologies

While many fiber locator tools focus primarily on finding fiber tech, the more cutting-edge tools incorporate other types of technology, including cable and wireless service. 

In addition to acquiring information about the type of technology, you can also quantify the infrastructure located in a building so that you’re seeing the technologies listed from lowest to highest quality. 

Showing Carriers and Solution Providers 

Network presence allows you to evaluate carriers and solution providers that can service an address through their partnerships with suppliers. Evaluating network presences allows you to build stronger, more connected cloud-based applications and solutions. 


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BandwidthFinder is a fully automated tool that provides useful information within minutes—not days or weeks. Plus, the interface is incredibly intuitive, so you’ll be managing multilocation projects in no time. 

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