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Ungated Data, Accessible and Affordable

BandwidthFinder gives you access to data that is usually gated with large license fees, making it cost effective for individual working professionals.

Ungated Data

Main Benefits

BandwidthFinder offers crucial insights, including:

Solutions: Let Us Do the Research
Stop searching through maps and allow our algorithms and solution-based technology to give you the answers
Usage-Based Pricing Model
Get access to premium telecom insider data at the price you can afford
Rating Precision
Rating Precision: Understand How Accurate the Data Is
We promote the most accurate solutions but allow you to see all levels of Rating Precision
Single & Multi-Location Solutions
Allow our algorithm to build single and multi-location solutions for you automatically
Share Solutions
Share read-only access to solutions built for you to others that need to see it
Analytics Dashboard: Understand The Metrics Of a Multi-Location Project
Our solutions-based dashboard gives you critical insights into the location or project
Network Presence
Network Presence allows you to evaluate Carriers as well as which Solution Providers that can service an address through their underlying suppliers. Evaluating network presence can help you build a better more connected cloud-based application or network solution.

More Than Just Fiber

Evaluate both dedicated and broadband solutions using fiber, cable, DSL, fixed wireless, satellite, and more. This includes 900+ dedicated access fiber providers and 2,700+ broadband carriers.

Filter - Technologies

Carriers and Solution Providers

Finally! Our Professional-level solution lets users evaluate both carrier and solution provider serviceability. Solution providers have a choice of whether or not to expose the underlying carrier they are buying from.

Solution Providers

Algorithms Designed for You

Our ranking and solution algorithms are designed to work for you. Instead of providing large data sets to sift through, we give you only the information you need—and fast.

Algorithms Designed

Single and Multi-Address

Evaluate a single address with results ranked by algorithm, or use My Project to evaluate multi-address solutions built by algorithms. Plus, you can batch upload addresses into My Lookup or My Project.

Single and Multi-Address

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