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Bandwidth Service Providers and Data Privacy Control

May 13, 2021

When performing telecom research online, the quality of your research is determined, first and foremost, by your ability to access relevant, quality data.

For bandwidth service providers, this important data comes in the form of public and private data sets that can be combined together to build a complete picture of bandwidth at any given address. As telecom sales professionals seek out the best bandwidth serviceability for their clients, they need the ability to access this full spectrum of data—and to sort and filter data to generate valuable insights relevant to any client’s needs

The right software tools can help your sales team and partners access public and private telecom data, bring disparate data together, and enable customized views to support efficient, accurate service—giving your business the insights it needs to optimize service configuration and quoting to meet your clients’ needs.

Here’s how an automated, data-connected tool like BandwidthFinder can support your research process.

View the Full Picture of Bandwidth Service

Although public data sets are widely available to any telecom business, these data sets are often massive, involving millions of rows of data that can’t be processed and evaluated without the help of an automated software tool.

BandwidthFinder offers the automation capabilities necessary to organize data and present it for evaluation during the bandwidth research process. At the same time, BandwidthFinder provides access to private data sets that create a competitive advantage for businesses using the platform.

Unlike public data sets, this private data may not be accessible by your competitors, and the ability to combine public and private data may give you an unrivaled edge in your local market. This gives telecom sales teams a unique inside lane to build service packages and deliver quotes that offer value to both your business and your clients.

Hide or Show Data Points Based on Relevance

Through the BandwidthFinder platform, the data points of relevance to your research process can be shared with guest users to offer quantifiable backing for your service recommendations.

You can also filter data to evaluate bandwidth based on specific client needs or requests, such as the technology used to deliver that bandwidth, the availability of service at an address or a group of addresses, or other considerations.

These customizations make it easy to leverage large data sets for granular insights that offer crucial value as you identify the best bandwidth service provider packages for your clients. In-platform tools like Rating Precision also help you evaluate the quality and proximity of the bandwidth technology on several levels ranging from suite-level proximity to zip code, depending on how precisely you want to evaluate this service.

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Deeper Data Insights Through Shared Private Data

Access to private data sets is a crucial point of differentiation between bandwidth research tools. The greater your research software’s access to private data, the greater a competitive advantage your sales team has over local rivals.

The BandwidthFinder platform bolsters access to private data by allowing clients to load private data not shared with the public. In addition, non-subscribers are able to share data publicly with subscribers, ensuring your sales team has access to as much telecom data as possible.

The more complete your view of local bandwidth service provider data, the more reliable your quoting and service packaging will be. Ultimately, this strengthens your branded experience and client satisfaction with whatever service configuration they choose.

When evaluating bandwidth service providers for prospective clients, you need the most up-to-date and reliable data possible. By enabling access to the full spectrum of bandwidth data, your sales team can use these reliable data insights to recommend service packages your clients can trust.

See for yourself how BandwidthFinder enables a better data-driven research process—request a demo today.


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