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Digital Transformation for Software Used in the Telecom Industry

March 11, 2021

Through improved infrastructure and expanded serviceability, the telecom industry is itself an engine of digital transformation, supporting innovation across all industries. But the benefits of this digital transformation can also be applied to the software used in the telecom industry.

Modern software solutions open new doors and unlock new potential for telecom businesses still stuck in the traditional ways of doing business. As adoption of these innovative solutions gains steam throughout the telecom industry, it will create a wider gap between the haves and have-nots among carriers, service providers and resellers of telecom services.

Here’s a look at how digital transformation is creating new opportunities through telecom software.

Clients are seeking fast solutions for their telecom software needs.

When businesses seek out a quote for telecom services, they’re usually soliciting quotes from more than one provider. They’re probably looking for redundancy and solutions that are available at a given address, meaning a quicker implementation.

Automation and other software-enabled services make it possible to research provider availability and execute a telecom configure, price, quote (CPQ) process quickly, meeting the timeline demands of these clients. As your business faces increased competition in the telecom market, automation offers a faster path to connecting prospects with solutions—which can ultimately improve your lead-to-conversion rate.

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Telecom complexity can’t be addressed through manual quoting.

As the telecom industry has grown more complex, the CPQ process has become much more difficult and time-consuming to execute through a manual process that results in a partially completed quoting process. Basic CPQ services only scale by adding more labor to the quoting process while still introducing manual steps in order to have a “finished” quote. All of this eliminates any return on investment (ROI) the software system is attempting to provide.

With manual CPQ services, your clients will suffer the brunt of your operational friction—and your ROI potential will always bump up against a low profit ceiling. Intelligent CPQ software is essential to managing and accounting for this complexity without suffering from a high error rate and long quote intervals.

Automation is the key to achieving scalability.

When software is capable of automating tedious processes, it can accelerate not only telecom CPQ, but other important aspects of your telecom operations. This includes everything from front-end quote creation, proposal and contract generation, order and provisioning, as well as providing enhanced analytics to back-end research.

By adopting software capable of automating these tasks, telecom businesses are able to scale their services across bigger markets through more sales channels—and grow their operations with less friction along the way. Digital transformation through software platforms also accounts for automation for all internal sales channels (i.e., direct, enterprise, and commercial) as well as external sales channels outside of your firewall (i.e., agent, carrier, and wholesale).

Ultimately, automation serves as the gateway to new efficiencies that increase your employee productivity, reduce unforced errors, and increase earning potential for your business. All of these support greater ROI and better long-term growth potential.

Efficient operations depend on data-driven decision-making.

Through analytics and other data-driven processes, telecom software doesn’t just help businesses move faster. It also helps them get smarter along the way, identifying optimizations and gains in efficiency that manual methods might not be able to achieve.

Manual telecom operations don’t generate data, or leverage data connectivity, in a way that offers meaningful insights to optimize your operations. Through connected telecom software and centralized analytics, your business can turn digital transformation into an engine for continued refinement that maximizes your ROI.

Don’t get left behind in the race to innovate.

Given the saturated market competition faced by carriers in the telecom industry, digital transformation is viewed as one of the best ways to set your company apart from the rest of the pack, achieving new efficiencies while strengthening your brand experience. The earlier you adopt innovative software solutions, the faster you can start iterating on these performance efficiencies, accelerating your company’s ability to refine and optimize its business model.

Find out what it takes to embrace digital transformation within your business.

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