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How BandwidthFinder’s Algorithm Delivers Your Best Bandwidth Service Provider Options

May 31, 2022

The demand for the highest-quality internet has never been greater. The internet is an integral tool in our personal and professional lives, and making it more valuable, cost-effective, and reliable is at the top of the list of connectivity demands.  

As you search for a solution that will help drive volume and increase visibility for a client provider, you want something that is not only going to be easy to implement but also highly advantageous.

Our platform, BandwidthFinder, helps to spotlight a provider’s footprint and how it compares to other providers in the same region. 

In our research, our customers expressed three key pain points:

  1. They don’t want to spend hours researching. They want the service to provide the solution right away.

  2. Sifting through maps is difficult. They just want the answers provided by automated research. 

  3. Research on multiple locations is taxing. When looking at multilocation opportunities, they needed a way to evaluate all locations at the same time, not be forced to do the research for each address individually only to spend hours aggregating information manually.  

We answered with an algorithmic tool that does all of that work instantly. In this blog post, we’ll go over how the algorithm at the center of the tool delivers this information quickly and accurately.



Detailed Tech Assets

While many serviceability tools use a free price point as a reason to use their product, the data is often very low quality, often only providing ZIP code-level accuracy on a tech asset. Many other serviceability tools provide high-quality address-level data at a price that isn’t feasible for most organizations. 

Because their options are limited, users seeking tech asset information are often left with no choice but to perform manual—or partially manual—research, which creates a barrier to entry.

To solve this issue, BandwidthFinder offers a solution that delivers highly accurate serviceability data at a fair price point. By combining proximity and pricing models, prices are based on lookup volumes, which serves small businesses, enterprises, and larger providers. 

When it comes to determining the quality of tech assets, one of the greatest benefits of using BandwidthFinder is the amount of information that is included on address, near-net, ZIP+4, census block, and ZIP code. This information can let you know where the tech asset of interest is in relation to the user. 


Clear Evaluation Criteria 

Our algorithm provides an objective comparison of different providers through network presence. Network presence is the full coverage area of a provider that includes owned network facilities and their underlying suppliers. Network presence is often discussed in the context of “last-mile” service, which is often slow, causing a pain point for providers and users. 

With BandwidthFinder, users can evaluate a carrier’s network presence in order to build a more connected cloud-based application and network solution. 


Excellent User Experience

Design thinking is becoming an increasingly utilized approach to building apps, websites, and other applications that require the user to have the most intuitive experience with a device. Why is user experience important? Because it attempts to fulfill the user’s needs and provide a positive experience that helps make a user loyal to a product. 

Many tools exist on the market, but none are as user friendly as BandwidthFinder. With this tool, users can easily navigate the interface, share projects with clients and employees, manage projects easily through My Lookups, provide guest access, personalize data assets, and more. 

And the best part: It also takes out all of the laborious research time that is required of many telecom professionals who are still using semiautomated research tools, such as fiber maps. BandwidthFinder’s algorithm does all the work for the user by providing a fully automatic research experience. 


Level Up with MasterStream’s BandwidthFinder 

You need solutions and we can get them to you—fast. By utilizing BandwidthFinder, you have access to a robust tool that provides information and ratings on your clients’ assets and locations so that users can compare them to other service providers and find the serviceability that’s right for their budget and company size and function.

Interested in giving BandwidthFinder a shot? Request a demo today!


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