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Key Benefits to Making Your Footprint Public

April 14, 2022

The demand for reliable bandwidth solutions has never been greater. Nearly 80 percent of businesses rely on internet and cloud-based technologies to run their operations.

Telecom buyers, agents, and direct sales organizations are hard-pressed to find providers who are best suited to deliver services at their desired locations. Without access to a centralized platform that visualizes and connects them with sought-after providers and technologies, businesses often make ill-informed decisions

Fortunately, MasterStream ERP developed BandwidthFinder to eliminate the uncertainty of finding solutions across all bandwidth technologies. Within moments, BandwidthFinder aggregates data from thousands of data sources, applies intelligence, and builds a custom-tailored solution to fit the user’s needs. This process empowers buyers and agents to help businesses quickly make intelligent and insightful decisions.

In this article, we address the three major benefits that BandwidthFinder can bring you when you share your footprint with us.

1. Get More Exposure

With millions of quotes and serviceability lookups happening on a daily basis, you have a lot to gain by making your footprint public. When you make your footprint public, BandwidthFinder allows you to display your brand at the addresses you serve. Sharing your footprint does not share pricing, only serviceability.

You can gain exposure by providing:

  • Information about the type of technology that you use to create connectivity
  • Rating precision (accuracy), which allows the user to know exactly how close your tech asset is to their location(s) they are searching for
  • The estimated speed of your connectivity
  • Information about whether you own the tech asset or if you use a supplier for the last mile
  • The option to share underlying supplier information to employees, guests, or the general public

Those viewing your coverage information can see how you match up to other providers across all locations, as well as how the technology that you provide matches the end user’s needs.

2. Improve the Quality of Leads & Orders

By utilizing BandwidthFinder, you no longer need to send footprint files to your customers. Instead, by displaying information on BandwidthFinder, you can show your brand and technology at the addresses searched by your customers or prospects.

If you ever wonder if your customers are updating the footprints you send them or if their salespeople get the right updates, you can approve your footprint with us so that all of our ecosystem gets the latest and greatest data in real time. With BandwidthFinder, you are preventing others from having your entire network file. Users who interact with your footprint by using BandwidthFinder must submit an address.

Because you control the data getting updated into the MasterStream ecosystem, you control the quality and accuracy of that data, leading to less fallout from leads and orders.



3. Share Your Entire Network Presence

Showing up in searches for where you own facilities and where you lease facilities gives you the ability to expand your network presence and show up at more addresses that you can serve through other suppliers.

With BandwidthFinder, you can provide information about:

  • On-net locations that show your physical infrastructure to create connectivity
  • Near-net locations that show how close you are to a customer searching for fiber assets
  • Off-net locations that show your services that are leased from a solution provider who has on-net assets

When your brand shows up for any address that you service with on-net, near-net, and off-net assets, keep in mind that this is a service offering that is exclusive to our platform.

More Visibility with BandwidthFinder’s Comprehensive Provider Tool

In order to stay competitive in the telecom marketplace, you need potential customers to know where your technology exists, the type of technology you’re using, and how you compare to your competitors.

By making your footprint public on BandwidthFinder, your information will be delivered to those looking for connectivity in a fast, easy, and precise way. Plus, it costs nothing to share your footprint and participate in our ecosystem.

Need to know more about BandwidthFinder before making a decision? Check out our checklist, 8 Things to Consider When Picking a Telecom Serviceability Tool.


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